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Autoethnography is undeniably a big word. Which is why initially I was pretty intimidated by it. However, breaking it down with the help of the 2011 text 'Autoethnography: an overview' by Carolyn Ellis, Tony Adams & Arthur Bochner and class discussions essentially helped me achieve a good understanding of the term. Simply put, autoethnography is … Continue reading Autoethnography


This week the Museum of Contemporary Art held the exhibition TODAY TOMORROW YESTERDAY while UTS was holding the exhibition Sounding the Future. We visited both galleries and explored the collections. Focusing more so on TODAY TOMORROW YESTERDAY,  each work aims to consider the impact of the past and the influence of history on artistic practice today. … Continue reading Excursion

Invention and Innovation

This week we had guest lecturer, Leung Chi Wo, an international Hong-Kong based artist who works with installation, photography, text, performance and video. He shared with us his creative practice and exploration when developing his artworks. Works including 'We must construct as well destroy' and 'Untitled (love for sale)' combine themes of identity and relationship … Continue reading Invention and Innovation