Japanese Visual Novels

After experiencing the Japanese visual novel and dating simulator game, Hatoful Boyfriend, I have found myself intrigued by the popularity of these types of video games. Before playing Hatoful Boyfriend, I had never heard of a visual novel. While it is true that most video games do hold an element of ‘visual novel’, this game … Continue reading Japanese Visual Novels



Autoethnography is undeniably a big word. Which is why initially I was pretty intimidated by it. However, breaking it down with the help of the 2011 text 'Autoethnography: an overview' by Carolyn Ellis, Tony Adams & Arthur Bochner and class discussions essentially helped me achieve a good understanding of the term. Simply put, autoethnography is … Continue reading Autoethnography

Welcome Home!

The internet of things refers to the concept of physical objects becoming connected to the internet where the virtual world combines with reality. It is a giant network of connected ‘things’ including humans and technology, where the relationship is between people-people, people-things and things-things. Throughout recent years the advancement of the internet has transformed an … Continue reading Welcome Home!