Weeks 15 & 16: Final stages

We came together in the final weeks to re-group and finalise our project. We had previously divided up tasks to complete at home, so that each person had a specific role. Our aim was to take old, sexist advertisements and combine them with relevant popular culture references using photoshop. Each group member was to create several images and share them onto our Facebook page to be featured in the final project.

This is one of my images:

MEDA picture 1.jpg

We then met up in the gallery to combine the selected images and divide them into two seperate videos that would be played on a loop and projected onto the two screens. The most difficult task was setting up the projectors and screens. We struggled to position the two projectors so that they would be align perfectly with the screens. We ended up getting there in the end and this was the final result:


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.23.45 PM.png

The pictures are played on a loop and change between images every couple of seconds.

The work explores sexism in advertisement and explores the key themes of feminism and consumerism within society. The focus was placed on the text used within these campaigns which was then complimented by adding relevant images. Our work was inspired by artist Barbara Kruger and her work with demonstrating the greed that comes with consumerism.  Our work was also inspired by the artwork by New York illustrator Natalie Nelson. Our project proves the message that text is powerful and further explores the relationship between text and society.


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