Week 13: Natalie Nelson

This week we started by playing around with our artwork’s layout. Initially we had decided on placing two screens parallel to each other in order to mimic the advertisement shown in train stations. The audience members would be able to walk between the screens as if they were in a train tunnel with advertisements on either side of the station’s wall. We soon discovered the issues that came from this set-up including the projectors interrupting each other. With more room in the gallery this may have have worked but space was limited. Instead we decided to place the screens next to each other so that they would form an acute angle.

We also discussed our work’s content and themes so that they could be finalised for the break and worked on at home. From last week’s work it was clear that we were focusing on feminism and irony. While researching more ideas we came across illustrator¬†Natalie Nelson and her stylistic approach towards her artwork.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.59.17 PM.png

The impact of her images within the group was recognised and we decided it would best to apply this to our own work. From here we would use a series of old advertisements and merge them together with popular culture references in order to show the ongoing issue of sexism within the advertisement industry. As a group we believe Nelson’s style was the best way to display this message as it also adds an aesthetic element to the project.

By using this method it allows us to compare the past with the present proving that issues of sexism is still very much alive. An example of our group’s work:

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.16.25 PM.png

While the edited picture is extremely captivating it is the text that truly make the image powerful. It gives the work context. The included logo shares where the image and quote originated from and proves that it is a real advertisement. The image clearly uses photoshop which is important as the audience can see it has been edited but the message has only been altered to prove that the sexism being presented is still relevant in today’s society.


Our aim for the coming weeks is to each create a series of similar images and project them onto the two screens through two looped videos.


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