Week 12: Review

For week 12 we continued developing our ideas that derived from Barbara Kruger’s work. Jo shared a video that explored Kruger’s work in detail and how through bold statements Kruger is able to criticise the advertisement industry and highlight the clear issue of sexism within.

From here we reviewed the strong themes that are present in her artwork including consumerism and feminism and explored how we could also apply this to our own work. We started out by researching well-known feminist quotes and compiled a list of the ones that stood out. Kruger’s work also resembles a strong sense of irony which we believe is the main reason why her artwork is so powerful. We explored this theme further by pairing the quotes with controversial advertisements known for being sexist. In order to contrast these images we also worked on advertisement that were pro-feminist and paired them with anti-feminist quotes. We divided the group up and worked individually making these images.

One of my works:

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.35.30 AM.png

After making a series of these images we compiled them together in a video and played them on a loop. We then projected the video onto a large screen in the gallery. We were extremely happy with the turn out and finally believed our group was getting somewhere.



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