Week 10: Barbara Kruger

For this week we derived inspiration from the famous American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger and the way she expresses meaning through text. Her work is bold, ironic and powerful and she has been displaying it from the year 1969. Kruger is also a well-known feminist and explores the ongoing issue of equality within her pieces among many others. Her signature use of the colours red, black and white are kept consistently throughout her artworks and was something we also tried to incorporate in our own.


Aesthetically, we kept our works similar to hers however the medium in which it was being shared differed. As a group we continued our work with projection. Our aim was to project the image onto a wall of the gallery taking up majority of the space emphasising the meaning and the hopefully the impact. At the start of the lesson, we decided to stay with the same theme- politics- collecting images of politicians. We used an image of Donald Trump and imported it into photoshop. The image was changed to black and white and a solid red rectangle was placed covering his mouth. Using a single word we decided to define the character that lay behind the red- FAKE. The process was quite simple and didn’t take long to do so we decided to continue to make three more and present them in a slideshow played on a loop. The final personas used included Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnball. In the same order the words FAKE, FEMINIST, RICH and ALLY were placed over each mouth. Apart from Donald Trump, the words used create a sense of irony similar to Barbara Kruger’s. It will be interesting to see how we can further explore the impact of text through image and possibly apply it to our final project.

FullSizeRender 12.jpg


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