Week 8: Project pitches

This week we had a group discussion about our initial project pitches to hopefully discover key themes in our goals. We found that each of us had different ideas including set design, animation, social media, visualised data and typography. We attempted a brainstorm about how we can bring these ideas all together but struggled. Instead of trying to merge the ideas, we thought it was best to re-create another artwork in the attempt that further creative ideas would come.

The artist we looked at was Nota Bene and her work ‘In Order to Control’. This work differed to the work we looked in the previous week as it focuses more so on interaction and projection. It uses two projectors, one projecting moving text on the ground and one projecting text where the audience’s shadows should be. The text being projected in the interactive installation is an essay that discusses ideas about morality.

We set up our work in the dark room to emphasise the projected light. We decided to use the Australian copyright law for the projected text. While attempting to re-create ‘in order to control’ the group came across some issues. These included time restraints, technical problems and deciding on subject matter. Along with these, the major issue was projection mapping. Unfortunately no one in the group had any prior experience with projection mapping and it was found too difficult to work with.

When looking at the piece as a whole we also found that the displayed text within the installation didn’t stand out and the message being conveyed was lost within the audience interaction. We found the artwork was more entertaining and aesthetically pleasing more than anything.

While we did not successfully re-create Bene’s work, what we did present was projected text that spilled out of the screen and onto some other objects in the room. Although this was done by accident everyone agreed it made the artwork more interesting. The feedback that we were given as a group was to explore this further. In the coming weeks we intend to further explore projecting text onto different surfaces.


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