Week 7: Expressing digitality: textuality and expression

For our final project we have been placed into groups depending on the following categories in which we wish to further explore. The categories are:

  • Expressing Digitality
    • Textuality and expression
  • Variable Materiality
    • Materials and immaterial processes
  • Multisensory Interaction
    • Light, shadows, and displacement
  • (Re)configuring Spacetime
    • story-telling through sound,  image and interaction
  • Generativity: Difference and Repetition
    • Algorithm and Reproducibility

The chosen key theme for my group is: expressing digitality: textuality and expression. 

Within my group, we quickly established that our aim for the assessment is to explore the relationship between society and the power of text. We started this through the re-creation and re-interpretation of the artist, Jenny Holzer, and her works. Holzer is an American non-conceptual artist who focuses on the delivery of words and ideas in public spaces. Her works usually consists of popular culture references and feminist themes. She uses platforms including buildings, advertisement billboards and illuminated electronic displays to exhibit her artworks.


For most of the tutorial we focused on the content and themes that we wished to portray. For the moment we decided on a political theme, specifically a humorous Donald Trump twitter statement:

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 2.43.11 PM

We projected the quote on the wall in the gallery and played around with the elements that would decide the impact of the message being conveyed. These elements include size, background, font and platform. We soon discovered that a small, bold, white font in front of a black background would make the statement stand out. The quote was also made as small as possible to increase audience interaction giving people a sense of curiosity and make them come up to artwork in order to read it.

To give the statement even more impact it we quoted it by ‘the president of the United States of America’ instead of Donald Trump, emphasising the quote to make it seem even more absurd and place a humorous spin on the artwork. These words were made larger than the quote in order to captivate the audience and draw them into the work.

This is what was presented:

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 3.05.30 PM



FullSizeRender 17.jpg




For future tutorials our aim is to experiment further with powerful text and move away from the simplicity of our present work. We will do this by exploring other artists and their successful works that revolve around the use of text. Our theme of politics is also undecided and will experiment with other relevant topics such as consumerism or feminism.


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