Project Ideas

My project will be looking at stop motion animation. This was inspired by last week’s Out of Hand exhibition and it’s featured work ‘Faces used for Paranorman’ as well as my blog post on my one of my idols Tim Burton. I also would like to apply the theme ‘materialising the digital’ into my artwork as I want to create something that is both digital and something that is physical allowing the audience to better connect and experience the piece. Brainstorming in class today I came up with two ideas. This blog post will be a starting off point from which (hopefully) one of my two ideas will blossom.

My first idea actually consists of both Claymation and stop-motion animation. Through this I will create a puppet which will feature in a short video clip. The storyline or character is something I have not begun thinking about yet but would maybe have a similar style/ theme to those in Tim Burton films. When the piece is finished it will be projected onto a blank wall continuously running on a loop with the puppet figure place next to the video. This way the audience will not only be experiencing the film clip but also being able to interact with the ‘star’ of the show. This could potentially bring them closer to the work allowing them to connect on a deeper level. The video could either be made completely digital or be shot entirely on analogue film. At the moment sound is not something I have considered but would most likely be non-existent or a background noise of some sort such as the sound of running film footage.


My second idea again consists of both the physical and the digital. I would create a stop motion animation but instead of using puppets I could make 2D drawings. Throughout the process I would collect all the pieces of paper in which I draw on and make them into my projection screen. As well as seeing the final piece the audience would be able to see my process, the work and the detail that has gone into the project. I would keep the animation minimal so that it could be enlarged and easily projected without completely covering up the physical element. It could allow a deeper insight to know what goes into the work of stop motion animation.

At the moment these are my ideas but if you have any thoughts please comment down below!


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