Phone Identity: What’s Hidden Multimedia Report JRNL102

Taylor Cormie works as a debt collector at a Sydney office where she has held the position for four years. During these years she has experienced a job that constantly deals with difficult and dangerous people. This type of responsibility comes with a series of risks and threats that endanger her life everyday. As a precaution her job involves that she hides her identity behind a phone and a fake name.

“I’ve had people threaten me on multiple accounts before and if we were uncomfortable with dealing with certain people we could use fake names or even just hang up the phone.”

Her supervisor Adam Jefferson has worked at the company for fifteen years and also sees the high risk involved in the debt collecting industry. His main role is to overlook a number of debt collectors and monitor their behaviour making sure their safety is first and foremost.

“It is because my team are the first point of contact with the people that they tend to take out their frustration on the team so it is important that we keep our team member’s feelings safe and secure knowing that they can communicate with them without any negative consequences.”

Taylor Cormie comments on the idea of being a field agent or sheriff and having the confidence when it comes to dealing with debtors face-to-face. Field agents are responsible for acts against these clients whereas a NSW sheriff take action against people who do not comply with their debt-related court order. Their level of risk is undoubtedly higher than those that communicate through a telephone. Taylor states clearly of her reasons why she wouldn’t change positions.

“Over the phone gives you more confidence and you don’t have that face-to-face interaction. Customers who were aggressive would try and search for us couldn’t get to us. I wouldn’t have the confidence to do it face to face, I couldn’t be a field agent because it is life threatening and people do want to hurt you.”

Working as a debt collector Taylor Cormie puts herself at a great amount of risk. Dealing with aggressive and frustrated debtors it is only through the use of the telephone and a fake name that her identity is kept hidden. Her supervisor Adam Jefferson reassures his team of debt collectors further assuring their safety and emphasising their security methods.

*Company name is not mentioned due to security reasons.



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