By Anonymous.


Hacktivists support the idea that information on the internet should be free, a principle that put them at odds with private institutions, corporations and governments around. There are a number of world known groups that consist of hackers, these include Wikileaks, Lizard Squad, Lulzec, GlobalHell and Anonymous.

Anonymous came to our attention in 2012 when multiple members from Lulzec were arrested. Anonymous then became a spin off of Lulzec and to this day continues to rank as one of the most notorious hacker groups. Some of their most recent work includes shutting down 20,000 IS related Twitter accounts in the wake of the Paris attack.

How you may wonder? Well this question was answered on a series of websites. One of the best responses was found on Reddit where a number of users contributed.

“Twitter has a service they call their API. It feeds a running list of what people are tweeting. By using a few well-defined search terms to identify the kinds of things that ISIS supporters and recruiters talk about it’s possible to map the relationships between different accounts. From there, it’s simply a matter of breaking up the task of reporting the accounts with help of volunteers.” (Bardfinn, 2015)

Hacktivists are extremely controversial. However, there are a number of people who do consider their acts beneficial (that is if you aren’t a part of a private institution, corporation or government group).






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