Facebook Live and Citizen Journalism

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Facebook Live is a new, 2016, social media tool that empowers citizen journalism, essentially revolutionising how we access new information. This upcoming technology has made news reporting even easier, more reachable and more instantaneous than ever before. What makes it even better, access to it is in the palm of your hand. The advantages of the feature allow citizen videos to offer immediate and intimate perspectives. Due to all videos being live, the information being received may even be considered more reliable than mainstream media, such as Television news broadcast networks.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean negative news for mainstream media. Valerie Belair-Gagnon, a professor in journalism and media from the University of Minnesota, said:

“In the shift we are seeing since 2004, citizen media is becoming fully integrated to journalism. It’s a positive story because journalists are not the only gatekeepers. The fact that the public or citizens are able to gather information and distribute it to the public provides an opportunity for richer storytelling.”

Advanced technologies have brought us the need for information instantaneously. Thankfully, access to this information including the news is readily available thanks to apps such as Facebook Live.





One thought on “Facebook Live and Citizen Journalism

  1. Haha love the meme. I’d never use Facebook live for that reason 😉

    But jokes aside, Facebook live is a powerful tool in the political sphere, and is accelerating the speed of information flows.
    Nice quote – I agree that citizen journalism provides richer storytelling.

    To compliment your post it would be great to see a more in-depth discussion of the theory of decentralised media and it’s implications. This article has some good info > https://t.co/53FjM6M18C


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