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There has been a long debate trying to determine whether Apple is better than Android or Android is better than Apple. However, what it really comes down to is choosing a device that works better for you. It is commonly known that Apple devices are ‘closed’ platforms and Android devices are ‘open’. Being a closed platform, the users of IOS do not have the opportunity to change anything about the device or its operating system without the permission of Apple. Apple remains in complete control over the platform, the content and the user. Along with this Apple has created a walled garden of apps, where anyone trying to submit an app has to go through a long and lengthy process of approval. When it comes to these guidelines most people seem to wonder why anyone would ever choose a device that doesn’t seem to allow any type of freedom or user independence. However, what one must realise is not everyone wants to alter technology. Apple devices have a lot of qualities that are convenient and easy to use where people are happy to sit back rather than take control. If you are not one of these people, then Android is probably for you. Its open platform allows an operating system that anyone can alter. The power is completely in the user’s hands. Developed by Google it permits a free license software and an open garden of apps. App designers have the ability to upload their projects to app markets including Google Play without permission or alteration. Android is completely user friendly which is why it’s estimated that there are one billion of their devices in operation today. With these two differing paradigms who knows where they’ll take us in future.

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