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If you get most of your information from digital platforms such as Facebook, Amazon and Google Play then you are being subjected to curated content where the received information has been preselected for you. This is because these sites are known as ‘walled gardens’ and are no longer the internet. Instead of information flowing freely the space is controlled and supervised. This is essentially because the owner of the digital platform controls how it’s being used, what someone can or cannot say and owns the rights to the content being shared. Unfortunately, this means that the level of privacy users are receiving are pretty slim. It is commonly known that Facebook uses people’s data to create targeted ads in order to further establish their profiles. Walled gardens allow digital platforms such as Facebook, to gain an even greater advantage in the online advertisement game. This type of advertisement is another feature that helps the owners curate content and monitor the information being received by their users adding to the structure of a ‘walled garden.’



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