Can you trust this post?


When there is no cost, no risk and no failure why would you sit back and consume when you could produce? The internet has allowed us to obtain an unlimited amount of content, but now that anyone and everyone can create and publish information is it really reliable? There is no quality filter online which means that the accuracy of a post cannot really be measured. What stops a person going online and publishing an article that is complete rubbish- the answer, nothing. And the consequence of this- the diminishing value of content. With equally easy access and the ability to generate data it’s no wonder why large publishing industries have to find alternative ways in which to stand out from your average Joe.

It has been found the more people use a digital platform the better it becomes, users create a reinforcing loop that allows the improved value of the medium. This may be good for the platform, but the users find themselves more and more in competition with one another. An example is using the successful site YouTube to promote oneself. Some of the most favoured channels are created by make-up artists or ‘aspiring’ make-up artists. The fame and money that YouTube offers has people avoiding going out and getting an actual qualification and instead going to great lengths to become a YouTube star. However there are so many of them around the world that their content becomes of less value. They may start off calling themselves a make-up artist but does 500 views really make you one? So I leave you with this popular saying- ‘don’t believe everything you read online.’


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