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This week I went to the cinemas for the first time in six months. In February earlier this year, I watched the film Deadpool (and I highly recommend you should too) where as this time I saw the film, Nerve. There are a couple of reasons why I don’t visit the cinemas often. Firstly, the tickets and the food are both pretty expensive, my local Event cinemas at Westfield Miranda charges $7 for a Pump water bottle… seriously not kidding. Another reason is finding someone to go with which I have found is a lot of effort these days, and personally if I were to finally catch up with someone I haven’t seen in a while spending time at the movies probably wouldn’t be priority. Usually if there is a film I really want to see I’ll try and make time, however the wait from cinema to DVD isn’t that long.

In saying all this, my recent visit was really enjoyable. I went to an early 2:30p.m. session so the place itself was pretty deserted. In total there were only six people in the theatre including myself and my brother. Westfield Miranda cinemas provide allocated seats, but there being only six of us you would think these would have been ignored. It was quite funny to see that although there was more than enough room to move around everyone seemed to stay in their designated positions, myself included. At the end, as the movie credits rolled the lights had not yet come on so people found themselves hesitating to leave. This recent experience showed me that the cinemas hold a type of power and authority over us. Even though these rules can easily be disregarded people seem find the need to follow them. Are we paying so much for an experience that we go out of our way in order to get the best out of the visit?


While there are many sources that determine the death of the cinema, some believe they have the ability to survive the Netflix / streaming age. An article conducted by the ABC shares its reason why the cinema will be able to outlive the introduction of new technologies that give us the ability to watch what we want, when we want without ever leaving our home. “Provided the projection in the theatre is up to scratch, the audiovisual impact, as well as the social experience of watching with complete strangers as a collective group make going to a cinema unique and magical.” (ABC, 2015)

Reports over the years continue to announce that the cinema will soon die out and filmmaking will struggle. What they don’t seem to consider is the Box Office knockouts that continue to steal the show and make more than enough money off us. Recently, the highly talked about film Suicide Squad dominated its opening weekend taking home a massive $135 million. Piracy, Netflix and streaming are all reportedly massive influences on the film industry. However, if it’s so bad how can they still afford to pay actors and actresses obscene amounts of money and still make a profit?  Just recently sources released the list of highest paid actors and actresses for 2016. Topping the list is Dwayne (the rock) Johnson earning $64.5 million, Jackie Chan at $61 million and Matt Damon at $55 million. The three highest paid actresses for 2016 is Jennifer Lawrence earning $46 million, Melissa McCarthy at $33 million and Scarlett Johansson at $25 million.

The cinema is a unique place where individuals can gain a greater experience watching a film. Although their popularity may go up and down I believe they are in it for the long run. If the films today, such as Suicide Squad are still able to break Box Office records, filmmaking can’t be struggling just yet. Personally, my experience was extremely enjoyable and although I may not visit often I will continue to do so in the future.





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