Passion for Surfing

Steve’s love for surfing has remained strong since he started at the age of twelve. Although he may have faced the harsh side of mother nature his passion continues to this day.

Duration: 1 minute 43 seconds
In: I’ve been surfing…
Out: …is a lot of water.

Sound Reference:

GoPro Production, 2015, GoPro: Mavericks, YouTube, Go Pro, 13 March, viewed 20 August 2016



For this emotional history task I interviewed my father about his passion for surfing. He has been surfing since the age of twelve and I knew he had a thousand stories to share. In this assessment I wanted to capture the passion he’s had and continues to have with the hobby and how it allowed him to overcome some of the toughest experiences he’s faced in the water. Growing up in the Sutherland Shire so close to the beach I knew the story being shared and its portrayed emotions are extremely relatable to the majority of residents. Not just that, but the amount of passion voiced can also be associated to anyone who is involved in a similar interest.

The story told was complimented by some added sound effects in order to emphasise the emotions being conveyed. These sounds include wind chimes, soft sea breezes, car noises and harsh ocean waves. This surfing narrative explores the feelings of both fear and love and how one has the ability to overcome the other.

In order to gain a strong start in this assessment I conducted some background research on the topic of audio editing. Firstly, I came across a blog that specialised in audio journalism and the ways in which to conduct the assessment in an ethical approach. The blog, written by an anonymous user by the name of ‘5tevie’, listed a series of do’s and don’ts on the topic. This list included cutting techniques, recording tips, thoughts on context, the ambience and background noises to collect and that you must include the question in the speaker’s voice. In order to be mindful of the storyteller’s time I made sure I was prepared and had read over these suggestions allowing myself to capture what was needed in the first take.

Another source utilised throughout this assessment was Marc Pachter’s TED Talk on the topic of interviewing. In order to fully capture the interviewee’s story, in the greatest detail and record the deepest emotions, I would need to further expand my interviewing skills. By watching Pachter’s talk I acquired techniques to conduct an interview that would best capture a unique and truly moving story. Although the person I was interviewing was my Dad, an already close family member, this source allowed me to ask important and more distinctive questions.

A discussion by Ira Glass on journalism talked about how important it is to capture true, authentic emotion in an interview. What Glass mentions more specifically is how to make sure you capture the sentiment from the interviewee and not the interviewer. My involvement in the discussion should be as limited as possible in order to not greatly influence the story nor the emotion being communicated. This source was another important addition when it came to completing this assessment.

Through the interview conducted with my Dad and the help of these three resources I was able to create an emotional audio track that delves into the emotions, passion and fear. With the added assistance of sound effects I was then able to further emphasise these feelings and help tell this powerful surfing story.


5tevie, 2011, Ethical Audio, Audio Journalism, weblog post, 23 March, viewed 17 August 2016


Pachter, M, 2008, March Pachter: The art of the interview, TED, video recording, viewed 17 August 2016


Glass I, 2016, Ira Glass on Journalism, Ideas at the house, podcast, viewed 17 August 2016


Audio Log:

0.20 Begins story

Quote: “Every morning we’d get up at four and hitchhike down Burraneer Bay Road…”

Clear voice, quiet background
1.22 Gets distracted and delays the storytelling Unusable, rambling
3.03 Starts to describe the location and the best surfing areas in Cronulla Unnecessary details
4.15 Continues story

Quote: “And just got absolutely smashed… I just hit reef.”

Main part of story
4.44 Finishes main story

Quote: “Ten foot of water on your back is a lot of water.”

Good possible end quote
5.05 Provides background of surfing

Quote:  “I’ve been surfing since I was about twelve.”

Good introduction quote
5.36 Explains why he has always loved surfing

Quote: “Surfing is what I love, I grew up surfing…”

Another good possible introduction quote
6.07 Quote: “No competition just surfing, soul surfing up and down and cruising and…” Talks very fast, muddles up words
6.53 Shares how many surfboards he has been through in his life Unnecessary information
7.59 Why a near death experience never scared him off

Quote: “Jump straight back in and get on with it… you learn from it.”

8:43 Shares another surfing story based more on his friend Starts talking slower, involves a lot of swear words
10.02  Includes an injury

“Another half an inch lower I would have lost my eye.”

Lists some hardships
10.48 Shares surfing tips

Quote: “Whatever you do don’t panic and just hold you breath.”

Helps understand his experiences and what he has learnt from it, good voice
12.39 Finish Good ambience and breathing noises

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