You can literally get a degree by studying online, never having to face real people, staying in bed all day and never coming to an actual class. Studying online has become so popular, I have seen several ads promoting the industries just travelling to the University of Wollongong myself. This has all become possible due to the new internet paradigm where information flows freely and the borders between real life and virtual reality have severely been blurred.

Technology and the internet has essentially created a cyberspace that allows people to escape in a virtual reality and it’s not just for entertainment and pleasure anymore but for work and study too. Working from 9-5 is now a thing of the past. Workers are usually bringing their work home with them and continuing after hours, this is because new technologies have allowed people the capabilities to do so resulting in workers never truly being ‘switched off’.

Does this mean Universities and workplaces could also suffer from this technology in the future? Will it still be the norm to leave our homes to work or study? We’ll have to wait and see.


One thought on “*Studying*

  1. I saw a comment you posted on a previous blog and I liked your reference to the bleeding presence in university education. I was glad to find your extended post on that particular topic. I agree that a digital education is very much a reality in today’s society. Have you ever had the experience where you know fellow students more for their online activity rather than their physical actions? It’s happened to me a lot, where I meet people for the first time, and say “oh, I love your tweets!” Great post, well done.


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