Power Struggle


Ever since the introduction of past technologies a notion of controlling communication existed. Devices including the telegram, telephone, radio and television were and are all highly centralised technologies allowing this sense of control. The introduction of the internet changed this notion. The internet allows information to flow freely through real time. Unlike these other technologies there is no centralised hub organising the flow of this communication because if there was, the internet could not properly function.

While Government longs to obtain this sense of control their attempts often fall short. For example, just recently the number one world-wide torrent site Kickass was taken off the internet by the American Government and its CEO was arrested. After years of trying the battle was finally won, but thats just it, it was a battle, a small battle in a massive war. Only hours after the website was taken down other torrent sites popped up. Although they were not as good, it proves that you cannot eliminate nor control online piracy because it is truly everywhere. The site Kickass was actually the result of a previous popular torrent site Pirate Bay that had also been taken off the internet and it won’t be long until another one takes its place.

The internet is a technology that flows information freely in real time distributing it anywhere and everywhere. It is a platform that cannot truly be controlled.




5 thoughts on “Power Struggle

  1. (That meme is definitely me!! haha)

    Do you think that there is anyway for piracy to match with the legal way of downloading movies?

    I think that an attempt at this is sites such as Netflix and Stan- where you don’t have to pay-per-movie, but instead can stream for a standard amount! Do you think this is the governments trying to combat piracy and do you think it will ever solve the problems?

    This is a really interesting article- and you know what it says? That Netflix is winning the battle!!! But do you think this will work in the long run?


    1. Yes I think that definitely can help potentially minimise the level of online privacy and it’s a great idea (I personally love Netflix) but their content is pretty limited and usually new shows aren’t available on these platforms until the whole season has aired on tv. If you have the option to watch something straight away or wait, maybe months, what would you do? But definitely a good point, thanks for the link, will check it out!


  2. This is really interesting article. Since you mention about torrent site, I have a link https://goo.gl/vM8Pt8 to the article about ‘illegal downloader are more likely to pay’. The streaming media site such as; Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. (like Jess said) would help but not all with the problem because they are so many streaming media site right now http://goo.gl/oXzQ1p if there is one movie site for all the content around the world (like torrent) this would solve the problem. E.g. I’m on Netflix but I want to watch HBO and Amazon Prime and… as well.


  3. Firstly, that meme is spot on haha!

    I really like how you mentioned that the internet is a “platform that cannot truly be controlled” and gave the example of when one torrent site is taken down, others pop up. I stumbled across this article (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet/11284538/Soon-the-internet-will-be-impossible-to-control.html) that further explores the idea of the impossibility of complete control of the internet. It ends with the powerful statement “no one is in charge – because everyone is” – do you agree with this?


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