Thanks for the Telegraph

{Translation: Hi, welcome to my blog post ‘thanks for the telegraph.’}

The Telegraph was and still is the most revolutionary invention to have been developed. It allowed us to get to the technology based world in which we live in today. Before it, there was no other way to deliver a message than to hop on a horse or start walking. When it did come out it was not perfect, many developments and alterations had to take place but these allowed further inventions.


From the Telegraph we were slowly introduced to cyberspace and the internet, which is something we heavily rely on in our day to day lives. Now instead of weeks, days, hours or even minutes of waiting, a message can be sent half way around the world instantaneously. With this power our world has transformed into being so information based it has literally turned the Earth into a global nervous system where information controls.

The telegraph brought a whole new perspective into what was possible and what could be achieved and from where we are today I am truly thankful for its invention.



6 thoughts on “Thanks for the Telegraph

  1. A very interesting post to read. I often think that Morse Code is like the pre-Internet/Victorian Internet as it helped us to communicate across the world. I think its amazing that NASA was able to use Morse Code and redio waves to send a message to Juno and back to Earth.


  2. I liked the introduction of the sound cloud clip to this post and it was a good history of the early communications, i think you could be stronger on the notion of the telegraph as a ‘nervous system’, however i understand you had the constraints of a word limit, good job!


  3. Your post was well written and simply laid out, which made it easy to read and understand. I thought the morse code sound clip was a really cool thing to add in! Although you made good use of the telegraph as an example, I think more background on it as a nervous system rather than just using the example would’ve been good.


  4. I think you wrote this extremely well and made it simple yet interesting.I really like the sound clip you added in and the example of the telegraph was a great example. Its crazy to think how far technology has come.. and how the telegraph was essentially a incentive for technology that we nowadays have become so dependent on !


  5. I loved the edition of the Morse code in your blog! It was a really cool and unique addition to your blog post. Your background knowledge on the telegraph was well written and interesting. I would suggest however diving into the idea of the global nervous system more, it would have complemented your text very well and expanded your ideas. You could have incorporated it into your SoundCloud after the Morse code and then talks about the global nervous system! I would suggest also including where you have gotten your information from, even if it was from the lecture, its always good to include where your sources are from. Other then that your post was really good and flowed well. Have a great day!
    – Bec


  6. Great use of SoundCloud to support your blog post. The telegraph truly was a phenomenal invention and you couldn’t be more correct when you say it transformed the Earth. Think of one of the largest newspapers of today, both online and in hardcopy – The Daily Telegraph.


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