My Media Space



It’s hard not to be constantly consumed by social media, with access being in the palm of your hand.  The use of social media differs from person to person depending on where they currently are in life. An individual’s personal media space varies from one another, my own included. I have always been up to date on the newest apps and signing myself up to the latest sites. Ever since I was allowed to, I have had my own online media space, my own accounts, however I have not always been an active user but rather a passive one. Before starting a degree of Communications and Media I avoided posting, blogging, sharing, commenting or even liking something, but I was always on there. I would check it as much as anyone else, but instead of using it to share what was happening in my own life I would use it to keep track of everyone else’s. It was and is my source to know what is happening in the world but to have it was driven more by FOMO (fear of missing out) than anything else. Although I still use for this purpose, now I find myself sharing more and more. My media space is growing and my practice with it is allowing me to get the most out of it.



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