To and Fro

My inspiration came from William Gibson’s retweet, ‘Grand Central, 1941, (colourised)’. In my opinion, what makes the picture so remarkable is the background setting of the famous Grand Central train station, which is what I focused on. The importance of train stations and how it is an everyday figure in our lives. My video depicts the journey of an individual going to and from work. The individual, herself represents society and the monotonous cycle we are trapped in:

Get up. Get dressed. Go to Work. Work. Come home. Sleep.

Something almost everyone can relate to. The video is sectioned into three actions, waiting for the train, the train trip itself and coming home. The background noises of talking and texting are repeated throughout the whole video to symbolise the distractions we face that interfere with our true thoughts and emotions.

The video also challenges how we perceive time. The wardrobe changes seen throughout the short film, implies the photos were taken over a series of weeks/months. While, the audio was taken from three separate sound projects. These noises were then layered to portray familiar, relatable sounds heard on an average train ride. These combined help personify the girl and her story.

The end photo is extremely significant as it is the only image where the individual is acknowledging the camera by staring directly into the lens. Her eyes are filled with a sense of boredom as she continues on her repetitive, mundane cycle, going to and fro.



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