Steps To Becoming A Micro Celebrity



According to wikiHow, it only takes nine steps to become a Twitter Celebrity.

Step 1: Tweet like a famous blogger.

Step 2: Follow like a spammer.

Step 3: Keep your followers coming back for more.

Step 4: Ask Questions

Step 5: Tweet often, but not too often.

Step 6: Use a Twitter Client.

Step 7: Be funny.

Step 8: Gather followers from other social networks.

Step 9: Participate.

Twitter is one of the most popular and innovative social media platforms to ever exist. It has allowed the rise of micro-celebrities and their identities within the world of social media. The introduction has given the opportunity to users in promoting their selves. Whether it is for personal matters entertainment or business, this access has change people’s lives. It gives a voice to the people who want to be heard, and apparently can all be achieved in nine simple steps.



2 thoughts on “Steps To Becoming A Micro Celebrity

  1. The thing is I can actually see this working, and these steps are how I imagine many micro-celebrities are created. This really puts it in perspective how social media platforms, including Twitter, have the ability to open up huge opportunities for seemingly ordinary users. Media convergence at its finest.


  2. Nice and simple! It’s interesting that a lot of micro celebrities say that they didn’t really follow anything to become popular, and they long-lasting advice is “just be yourself”, but the internet says that there’s a formula to becoming popular online, and maybe yours is the best one! This really opens my eyes to how simple it really could be to become popular online haha. Great post! Maybe you should aim to become a micro celebrity!


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