Citizen Journalism

In today’s society social media has allowed users to share whatever they like. This has introduced us to an infinite amount of content some useful and some not. In the end it is society that decides what is ‘worthy’ or not. It proves that any one anywhere with Internet access can become a ‘journalist’ producing what is called citizen journalism. An example of citizen journalism is YouTube sensation Bunny Meyer aka Grav3yardgirl. She started a YouTube channel in 2010 to review stuff she bought listed as popular or new, to see whether they really do work. To this day she has 844 videos and almost 5 million subscribers. Her channel demonstrates that the users on YouTube have the power to choose what is popular, just like on any other media platform. Social media is a great way to get information and is actually the preferred way compared to other sources such as television, radio or newspaper.



One thought on “Citizen Journalism

  1. I think your post provides a great example of one of the many uses we find in social media, where else would I find such a long an informative review of a wubble bubble?
    The only think I might suggest to improve your post would be to include examples of important world events covered by citizen journalists such as natural disasters, rebellions in the arab spring etc. It would probably also be useful to include a negative point or two, just to broaden the viewers thinking on the subject.
    Excellent post.


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