One Moment, We Are Re-directing You

In the above YouTube clip I have demonstrated the topic Trans media by using illustrations from a children’s book called Just Shocking, written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton. According to ‘A Think Lab, 2011’ Trans Media is “storytelling across multiple media platforms… it contributes to a larger narrative and adds richness and detail to the story world. It allows the audience to become actively involved.” In the clip, the different pages represent the variety of media platforms one story can be spread across. The cartoon demonstrates that to understand the whole story the audience needs to determine each element to truly comprehend the big picture. It also shows that without each media platform (page) the end result would be confusing and the concept wouldn’t be fully grasped. The cartoon adds humour and can be seen as representing the concept of trans media.


This is my YouTube post.


One thought on “One Moment, We Are Re-directing You

  1. I think this is a great idea Blair, l can relate to the video and text as l myself read Griffiths books as a young teen. I think your description sums everything up in one paragraph with great detail, and concise language. Perhaps to improve this video and increase engagement you could possibly say this blurb underneath as a voice over. So we are not only watching the film but listening too. I never thought of how these books would be without their little cartoons on the side and it just wouldn’t be the same, this blog post has made me aware of there importance. Good job!


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