A Misconception



IMG_4117 2




This piece focuses on the comparison between the real and the reflective. By turning the images upside down I am manipulating the audiences’ viewpoint making the eye focus on the top part of the image. At first glance it may seem that we are staring into reality but actually we are looking into the reflective surface. Through this positioning the photographs are given an uncanny sense; making one question ‘what is real and what isn’t?’ In two of the images the strong focus on the reflections blur the girl’s face giving her a mysterious, ghostly presence. In addition the settings of the three natural lit photographs are of two abandoned buildings, one an old school and the other a deserted construction site. I then used materials from the building’s sites to further illustrate the idea of deception. With the aid of artificial lighting the close-ups shots reflected unique shadows upon the discarded spray paint cans, rusted bolts and broken bricks. Through altering the original photograph ‘A misconception’ can challenge the eye in an uncanny way.

-Take a closer look: http://blairkathrynhope.tumblr.com/




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