Audience Empowerment

Audiences are extremely significant and are the main reason why we create and share in the first place. However audiences nowadays are becoming more and more responsive and interactive. They like, comment and share these pieces of information and turn them into collective intelligence where we are given a range of perspectives and opinions broadening our own knowledge. Check out my Prezi about it!


2 thoughts on “Audience Empowerment

  1. Great Prezi! It was put together well and made it interesting and inviting to look at. The information was well summarized and wasn’t too complicated to understand, as there wasn’t an overload in writing but explained the concept really well. Your point on the society becoming active consumers is so true through the use of social media sites we are able to interact and connect with the users and other audiences from all around the world in an instant which is quite incredible as years ago this wasn’t available, it really shows how the advances in technology have changed society. I have never heard of the React channel on YouTube but I really enjoyed watching it and was good example of the audiences control and interaction.


  2. First of all, l like the layout of your prezi it is effective and captured my attention straight away. I agree with how you asked rhetorical questions as the title and then answered them this made me think which kept me continually engaged, The way you wrote was concise, smart and very easy to read and understand. I have been following every post on your blog and l believe this is your best, it is obvious that you are improving as the weeks go on. You then made reference to a youtube channel to sum and back it up. I thought this was a brilliant idea, great job!


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