“The Medium is the Message?”

When a medium is introduced to society the particular purpose it was intended for is not always how it ends up being used. When society alters the meaning of a medium, the newly formed meaning becomes the message itself. It is just through an outside perspective, that the audience manipulates the intended message simply by engaging with the medium. Although creators try to control what the consumers do with the technology, they cannot. As the audience transitions from passive consumers to active consumers they reject control. This process generates new ideas and interpretations creating a new meaning for the technology, giving society our unique, creative and intellectual way of thinking. Even the slightest shift in the medium can result in the message being changed drastically.


2 thoughts on ““The Medium is the Message?”

  1. I like how for your “medium is the message” you used technology as your example but also managed to tie it in with how desperate industries are to control the channels and content, and how as active consumers and creators we resist this. Mainly I was viewing it from more of a physical and literal point of view, but I get what you are saying. I’m struggling to think of examples, but maybe a general one would be bullying etc on social media? It was never the original intent of the creator yet it is now an enormous problem.

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    1. Yes! That is a really good example of how a medium’s message can be conveyed negatively. Although bullying may not have been the intended purpose, some society members have changed the intent of social media and unfortunately we are introduced to a world with faceless bullying. Through the influence of media reports and news stories we associate some social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in a way in which by allowing children to have these accounts we are exposing them to the sometimes harsh and unjustified world.
      Thanks for commenting! @abbzilla

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